Welcome to Shyamlha Pappu Law Foundation

The Shyamlha Pappu law foundation was established to honour the memory of Late Dr. Shyamlha Pappu a pioneer and luminary in the context of the Indian and International law.

The purpose of this foundation is to ensure continuation of her enormous contribution to the legal education, legal aid and awareness in all branches of law to various stake holders.

Dr.Shyamlha Pappu

Dr. Shyamlha Pappu (21 May 1933 – 7 Sep 2016)

Padmashri Awardee, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Dr. Shyamlha Pappu hails from an illustrious family of lawyers, advocates and judges. Daughter of P.N.Murti, Registrar Supreme Court of India, and her adoptive father was Chadrasekhara Ayer, Judge of Supreme Court of India. She had distinction of being the first lady to be designated as Senior Advocate in the Common wealth; she was member Law Commission of India 2008-09.

She is the Recipient of many prestigious awards and was conferred Padma shri by the Honourable President of India on 31/3/2009. At the invitation of the President of USA she went as his guest to the United States and addressed the members of the US Senate and prestigious universities on Indian Culture and Constitutional concepts of the Indian constitutions.